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jennah_13's Journal


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Well, the name's Jena! (^_^)
From the Philippines and 16 years old~

I used to like Anime and Manga alot.
But since I watched Gokusen Live-Action (which was aired here in the Philippines last year),I adored MatsuJun and hence, the beginning of the addiction.

I love JPop, mostly Johnny's Entertainment music.
My favorite groups are Arashi and NewS.
But I love all of the Johnny's boys~

But I've loved Japan long before I watched Gokusen. I've always dreamed of going there someday. XD Gokusen just triggered the ever-so locked-up fangirl inside me. XD Jun's the cause of all these. XD haha...

Now, I can't imagine myself not a fangirl. I mean, I'm too happy being a fan. XD I can't imagine leaving the fandom yet. hahaha...

Ah, wait! I forgot to tell...My ichiban is Yamapi AND Ohno Satoshi (kyaa~ riidaa!) :D

Oh, and since I'm a fangirl, expect a loooot of fangirling. XD My posts will mostly consist of fangirl-y stuff! If you don't like that...then please refrain from reading.

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I got Kusano Akira forChristmas!

I will kiss Kimura Takuya onNew Year's

☆~{Okamoto Keito}~☆EVIL~TWINBlog Crew

[Ohno Satoshi]stripped for me and I for HIM

[Ohno Satoshi] is my special happiness.

I claimed ARASHI♥ at je_claims
I claimed ☆☆Ohno Satoshi☆☆ at arashi_claims
I claimed ♫[Sketch]♫ at arashi_claims
I claimed Ohno Satoshi's FREESTYLE Art Exhibit at arashi_claims