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Konbachiwa minna~!!

1 USD each. (^^) shipping not included.  (for Filipino buyers, convert.)
    [NOTE: Overseas buyers are welcomed. But local buyers are preferred.]
PAYMENT METHOD: Concealed cash(at buyer's own risk.) and Western Union.
    [NOTE: whether it's concealed cash or Western Union, please pay in USD or PHP only.^^]

(1-4 button pins)
Local (Phils)7PHP10PHP

I'm from the Philippines...So:
Buyers from Metro Manila, we can just arrange a meet-up, yeah? or if we could not possibly arrange a meet-up, I can mail it to you. But please note that you will shoulder the additional fees. (;;^^)

Sooo~ interested?

PICK FROM THESE DESIGNS: (More designs coming soon~)
Collapse )

Collapse )

Collapse )

Collapse )

Collapse )

Collapse )
(Didn't find the idol/group you want? I'm still working on more designs...but I take requests. :D Requests are not limited to Johnny's Entertainment idols, btw.)

The button pin's actual size would be about 5.5cm in diameter, okay? :D
 All the designs are made by me...but the credits for the scans go to those who scanned them.
(thanks people who share them!! please tell me if it's your scans so i could properly credit. ;;^^ I tend to lose track of the people I get them from. Sorry.)

If you're interested or if you have questions, please email me:
please include your LJ/multiply username/real name(if not a multiply/LJ user) in the email.

Thank you!

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It's about time...

My drafting tools. XD My t-squares and and tracing tube is full of agiw na. XD
It's about time I use them again. :))

Di ko pa na-feel na pasukan na bukas until binigyan na 'ko ng baon ng nanay ko kanina. :)) YEHEY! XD Hooray for allowance!! Boo for early mornings. XDD

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Furniture Exhibit 2010 - AARNIOVATION

"Filipino Versions of Mind-Bubbling Egg-Ballution"
March 15-27, 2010
at the

(ang failure ng Multiply, ni-resize yung poster....=___= kainis)

Mas maganda kung 2nd week kayo pumunta kasi sa first week, medyo adjustment period pa eh!! Umaamoy pa yung pintura. Hehehehe.Punta kayo, bonggang-bongga yan! XDD WHOOOO!

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The Ondoy Experience.

I'm sure everyone of us has one of their own.
...well, here's mine.


It was a rainy Saturday...I was already late for school and I was desperately hoping that classes are suspended. But hello~ they're not!
So I left at about 8:00am...hesitant to go to school but I still have to because I have a report and I have requirements to pass. So I dragged my lazy ass out there, opened an umbrella and kissed my Mom goodbye.

"Uwi ng maaga ah. Magluluto akong sinigang.", she said with a smile that does make me want to come back home soon.

I arrived at PUP at around first class was already in the middle of  discussion, so I just went to the student's tambay room just outside the faculty room and tried to finish one of my plates in Color3.
As I was coloring my way through boredom, I overheard a bunch of seniors talking about class suspension. *hopes lifted*
Then my professor comes in, and talks to the seniors...and confirms that classes are indeed suspended!

So, I immediately snuck inside the room...completely taking advantage of the moment that my prof was outside.

"Pumasok ka pa!", a classmate shouted to me.
"Oo nga eh, suspended narin klase. Hahaha.", I shouted back.

So we already planned to go to SM Sta. Mesa (which is just a jeepney ride from our school) and watch a movie after our prof dismisses us. But our professor went back in the classroom and shatters our hopes by continuing with the discussion. Ugh. What a pooper. But what can we do.
Just minutes after, our dean knocks on the door and asks our prof to dismiss us because the storm is coming. Our prof asks for a little more time to wrap it up and he lets the reporters finish the report and then dismisses us.

"Jerome! Ayan na ang tubig!", our dean told our professor, pertaining to the expected flood.

And when we were about to go outside the building, I realized I don't have my umbrella with me. Oh no...I left it at the student's tambayan room?? So I tried to look for it there, and it wasn't there anymore. I even asked the janitress if she saw it. But she said she didn't. Oh no...why now?! D:

So then, we were met with the dilemma of not having enough umbrellas. So we just shared with the ones who have them. Out of the 10 members of our barkada, only 5 of us have an umbrella. Good thing, it's not one less.

And by the time we got outside, it's already starting to flood. Already ankle deep and still ascending! Ah~ we were starting to panic because we stopped by the near-by carinderia to talk about what we're gonna do....and the water is increasing by the minute. It's scary. And then we started to see all kinds of trash floating!
And every time a car passes by, waves come at us! and when the water subsides, you see cockroaches or another kind of insect clinging on you! Eww. Nuooo~

After a lot of arguing and convincing, we decided to just face the dirty water and walk to Pureza st. to get to the LRT station.
But as we were venturing the, now, knee-high flood in front of our building, the pedicab drivers passing by warned us that Pureza st. is already flooded up to the waist.

So we just rode one of the jeepneys that took a detour. But we couldn't move forward due to the traffic caused by the the driver just went back.
And we ended up in front of SaveMore near EARIST...the jeepney was stuck in traffic. The cars literally weren't moving anymore.
So we decided to stop by SaveMore and eat at Jollibee. Saved up energy and let our clothes dry a bit.

And there, we filled our tummies with Jollibee's 39ers!

With this, I end the first part of the adventure.

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Welcome back, real life!

I wasn't able to go online for so long~ @___@
Somehow, maganda rin...para concentrated sa studies. (aysus~ may pa-studies-studies pa 'kong nalalaman! XDD)

So, alam niyo bang....nadukutan nanaman ako? :D
YES~! Nung Saturday, last week.
And it's....harder (physically)...the second time around.
Wallet naman ngayon dinukot sakin. Bastos nga yung magnanakaw na yun eh...andun nalang din yung cellphone ko, di pa kinuha! XDD Walangya...talagang pinamukha saking poor to da maxest level ang Nokia 1100 ko eh. XD Nakakatawa. XD

Basta....wala akong ibang masisisi kundi ang sarili ko. Yun lang. Napaka-stupid kasi at wala sa sarili. Kung saan-saan kasi lumilipad ang isip eh...yan tuloy. Nadudukutan.

Bakit kasi naman kung kelan marami akong dalang pera tsaka niya 'ko tyempong ninakawan. Bakit hindi nung super taghirap ako para naman hindi masyadong kawalan? Huhuh. Iniisip ko pamandin nung umaga na iwanan ko sa bahay yung 200 ko...pero dinaig ako ng katamaran na pumasok pa sa loob ng kwarto. Haaaay~ Bakit naman ganyan.

At bakit physically harder this time, you ask? Kasi, naglakad ako pauwi. Opo.
Galing kasi akong school non...pagkababa ko ng bus, alam ko talaga, nasa bag ko pa yon...kasi nakalagay sa harap ko yung bag ko until makababa ako.
Nung naglalakad na 'ko papunta sa overpass, nilagay ko na sa likod ko. Kasi...syempre! Sa likod naman talaga nilalagay dapat ang backpack noh! Pero di sa outer pocket dapat nilalagay ang valuables. Tanga ko talaga...di pa kasi natuto from the first time eh! (Ngayon talaga, nilalagay ko na sa mismong loob ng bag yung wallet at cellphone ko. =___=)

Ayon...habang malalim ang iniisip ko't mabagal akong naglalakad sa overpass.....feeling ko, dun ako nadukutan eh. (Feeling ko talaga, doon.)
Pero unlike the first time, ito, hindi ko naramdaman. Masyado talagang malalim iniisip ko non eh...
Basta lang habang naglalakad ako, kinapa ko yung bag ko...pagkapa ko, BUKAS!! Holy sheep!! Tinignan ko agad!~ SHYET~ Nakuha ang aking wallet. Huhuhu. (TT_TT)
Ayon....ang haba ng nilakad ko. Ayan, lalo tuloy ako nakapag-isip! Patay na patay pamandin paa ko non kasi yung sandals na suot ko, masakit sa paa. Hahay~ shyaks~~!
Buti nalang...hindi umulan. Thank you talaga, Bro! :))

Pagkauwi ko, sabi ni ina, sana daw nakitawag ako okaya nakitext sa ibang tao....
Ay....ayoko nga. Masakit sa pride yon. XD  Tsaka feeling ko walang maniniwala sakin. :P
Tsaka alam ko namang kaya kong lakarin kasi nalakad ko na yun once dati eh.
Sabi naman ng kaklase ko, sana nag-1-2-3 nalang daw ako sa jeep. XD Hahah. Ayoko nga, dala-dala ko pa sa konsensya ko  yon! *pfft*

So...ayon lang naman ang isa sa mga pinaka-major happening sa buhay ko lately.

Oh yeah...I got a new cellphone!! XD MUAHAHAHAH~! Mas madali nang mananakaw. XDD Mas dapat ingatan.
May nagbigay kasi kay ina ng one of those China phones. :-S Although, I'm not really a big fan of those kinds of least, it's good enough until I save up for the phone I really want. Anything's better than that old Nokia 1100 na 5 hours lang ang battery life. XD Ugh.

So yeah....madami pa sana akong irereklamo tungkol sa school life. Pero ayos na susunod ko nalang kayo bubulabugin ng rants. ^^


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Patay na si Michael Jackson... ang iniisip ko....ano kayang kalagayan ni MatsuJun? XD Hahah. Super luksa siguro yon. Hahaha.

Ehh...kahit medyo weird si Michael Jackson at child molester, di natin maikakailang he's really one of the greatest. Haaay, condolences to all of his loved ones and fans. :-S

Oh yeah...finally, umabot na daw sa PUP ang A(H1N1) walang pasok bukas!
Pero...meron na ulit sa Monday! XP Hahaha, ano kaya yon~

So, kitakits tayo bukas, gaiz!! Picnic tayo! Pero may church something ako bukas...pero pupunta parin ako! Don't worry. :]

Oh...and ate Jamie! I'm working on those pin designs already. Ngayon ko lang na-realize na andami ko na palang Ohno designs in proportion to the other members. XDD

.....and with this ends an unbelievably short blog entry. :-S

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Random GIFs post. AGAIN. D:

Sakurai Sho - 1
2NE1 (Fire MV)  - 6
G-Dragon (Lollipop MV) - 2

Because Kamiyama is like so psychotic yet hot. XDD I couldn't help NOT making this into a GIF.

Image Hosted by Image Hosted by
You gotta drop it like it's hot.

Image Hosted by Image Hosted by
Minzy is liek...teh coolest~ X3

Image Hosted by
Mi mi mi mi mi mi mi michigoshippeo~


It's just now that I noticed that I've made GIFs featuring only Dara and Minji . XDD LOL. Sorry CL and Bom. XD

Image Hosted by Image Hosted by

Now come on saekggareun rainbow~

Awwright...that's all for now. :D

I must sleeeeep~ GOODNIGHT EVERYONE!
=___= zzzzzZZZZZ

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Why do they look so married?!

At sa pagkakaalam ko, dapat nagbibinata na si Chinen ah. Eh bakit nagdadalaga siya?!! :))
HAHAH. Di nga, parang gumaganda siya eh. O___o
At wooow~ parang nag-ma-mature na talaga itsura niya...little by little. XD At yiiiihiiii~ parang humahaba narin.....ang katawan niya~ naaaks Chinen! Anong sikreto mo sa pagtangkad? :D
Hahah, nakakatuwa si Chii. Ipinagmayabang pa daw niya kay Yamada at Yuto na may interview nanaman siya with Ohno. XDD Hahah. Tapos gusto parin niya mag-back dance sa Arashi hanggang ngayon, kahit daw mag-isa lang siya. Hahaha. XDD Makikisiksik nalang daw siya sa M.A.D. XDDD LOL. How cute talaga. Sana mangyari talaga yon~ Jimusho....pagbigyan niyo naman si Chinen oh!
LOL. Nakakaaliw talaga.
Ngayon ko lang nalaman na may interview nanaman pala sila. XD
Salamat kuya Joms sa pagpapakita sakin nito. Hahah.

I finished Osen already!! :D YEHEYYY!~ Okay, ang ganda talaga ni Aoi Yuu. Pero...what?! Mas matanda pa pala siya kay Uchi?? O_o Bakit...bakit ang bata ng itsura mo~ X3 Mukha kang inosente na walang kaalam-alam sa mundo. XD
Ay nakakatawa sa isang episode.....yung anak ng isang presidente ng isang kompanya, nawawala, eh di, hinahanap nila. Tapos pangalan nung bata, Ryo! =)) Hahah. Wala lang, nakakatuwa kasi si Uchi dun, tumatakbo, sinisigaw ang pangalan ni RYO. XDDD HAHAH,

Ay, may i-s-share pala akong site....
Ang interesting ng artworks eh. :D Nakakatuwa.

So...tomorrow....classes start. For some.
Dun sa mga wala pang pasok bukas.........A plague in all of your houses!!

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Reunited with my beloved Photoshop.

YES GAIZ. I have Photoshop again. :D
My big bro came home yesterday and repaired whatever was wrong with our desktop computer and I finally have my Photoshop again YAAAAAY~ CS2 nga lang. Pero ayos na ayos lang. :3
So I'll be spamming you with my long-delayed GIFs some time soon. :D Mostly 2NE1. (^___^)

I now have 60Gig all to myself. MUAHAHAHAH. >:D
For me, who shares this PC with all other family members...that IS a luxury. :]

I've been playing Jamlegend like crazy. @___@ I'm practicing for start of classes. >:D  Makikipag-showdown ako sa mga kaklase ko sa pasukan. MUAHAHAH. XD
LOL. Yun yung pinaghandaan eh noh. Imbis na mag-review ng mga studies....nag-practice ng laro?? XDDD Hahah, sorry naman.
Basta, tuloy na tuloy na naman ang pasukan sa Monday diba? Sana naman. :-S
Hmm...basta, palakasin ang resistensya, guys!! Bawal magkasakit! 8D
*tsk* Nakakainis...a couple of zits have popped up on my face. Ano ba yan...kung kelan naman magpapasukan eh. Ugh. Riritwalan ko toh...kailangan mawala sila by Monday. D: Kailangan blooming tayo para madaming panex. XD hahahah.

Also, just watched Pearl Harbor yesterday. OO. Kahapon ko lang siya napanuod sa tanang buhay ko, okay. Loser. Yes, I know. Pero...whatever.
HUHUHUH. UBERMEGASADFACE. (TT^TT) SHYEEEET~ Ang sakit sa puso. Bakit ganon. Ang sad. Ang sad talaga. Pero ang ganda. Pero...ang sad talaga. XD Hahaha. Grabe.
Kung di niyo pa yon napapanuod...mas malaki kayong loser sakin. XD Hahah. PANUORIN NIYO NA!!
Ang gwapo ni Josh Hartnett at ni Ben Affleck!!

Ay...tsaka...hindi ako nakapag-blog kahapon...pero,




maou ohno



HAHAH. LOL. Okay, that might not be such a ~*BIG SURPRISE*~
Because it is like, OH-SO-OBVIOUS. XDD But it's just that...this is the first time he publicly confirmed he's gay, deshou? XDD Although he never really denied it. But still~
It was such an "I KNEW IT!" moment! HAHAH. MY GAYDAR NEVER FAILS ME. >:D
HAHAHAH. AND HE EVEN SAYS KRIS ALLEN IS HIS TYPE!! XDD HAHAH. Also not a ~*BIG SURPRISE*~ because, hello~ how could he NOT like Kris Allen? Kris Allen is everyone's type!!! HAHA. LOL. But still. It's still amusing. XDD


Also, have you guys heard about the new Disney film? :D
The Princess and The Frog?

I thought Walt Disney announced Home on the Range to be their last 2D animation film. Hmm...I guess they changed their minds.
Aha! And have you heard...the new Disney Princess is African-American? Yeah. And it seems there's a lot of controversies lingering around. Racial issues. :]  I guess, di na mawawala yun kapag meron talagang African-American people in the scene. Which is why I think Disney is pretty bold on picking Princess Tiana as their newest Disney Princess.

Basta ako, MASAYA. Cuz...YAY for old school Disney productions with all the princess and magic and musical stuff. XDD It's been so long since the last Broadway type of Disney movie. And I just love those. I grew up watching those. X3

Let's watch out for this movie!! (^^)


I'm also watching [Voice] right now. HAHAH. OMG~ OTP ko na ang Eita x Toma!! HAHAH. Grabe, bakit ang cute nilang magkaibigan dito!! XDD Hahaha, I love it talaga.
Tsaka...bakit ganon, parang sa lahat nalang ng jdorama na napanuod ko si Eita, laging magulo ang buhok niya. O_o Is it like his thing...or something? XD
Basta, bagay ang labcoat kay Toma. Hahaha. INA. XDD

Tsaka pinapanuod ko rin ang [Osen]. HAHAH. LOL UCHI. EWAN KO SAYO. Ang retard mo umarte!! XDDD HAHAHA. Basta si Osen...batang-bata ang itsura. XDD Ang cute mong lasinggera, girl. XD

Also....natapos ko nang panuorin ulit ang Lord of the Rings trilogy yesterday. Hahah, MABUHAY KA SAMWISE GAMGEE! Ikaw ang tunay na bida!! :)) Si Frodo, epal lang!! HAHAHA. JOKE~ 8D
Oei, wag ka, OTP ko yan, Sam x Frodo. :)) HAHAHA.
Ang cool ng elves noh~ lalo na si Legolas! XDD Gusto ko kapag nakikipaglaban siya ng close-range tapos yung arrow lang niya pinangsasaksak niya eh. HAHAH. Kasi, parang sa mga RPG...kadalasan yan, mahina ang elves sa close range eh diba? Pang-long range lang sila kasi nga mga bow and arrow gamit nila. Pero si Legolas, hindi!! HAHAH. INA TALAGA. ANG COOL! Lalo na nung pinatumba niyang mag-isa yung elephant ng kalaban. XD Tapos nakakatuwa pa dun yung nagpaparamihan sila ng mapapatay ni Gimli. Hahaha.
Basta, ang awesome talaga ng pelikulang ito. Gusto ko na talagang basahin yung libro. Sinong meron diyan? Pahiram naman. :)
Diba magkaibigan daw si C.S. Lewis at si J.R.R. Tolkien? Hahaha, I love them both!! Bagay silang maging magkaibigan, parehas silang imaginative as hell!! WHOOO!

Kanina naman, Minority Report pinanuod namin. :D Astig din ng concept. Pero ang weird. Na-p-predict nila yung crimes na mangyayari tapos inaaresto na agad nila yung convict bago mangyari yung crime. XDDD HAHAH. Which leads you to think, how could they even arrest them if they haven't even done the crime yet? What would you charge them for, huh?
Pero...ang awesome ng line ni Tom Cruise don...nung binato niya yung bola...tapos sinalo nung isa pang character:
"Why'd you catch that?"
"Because it was going to fall."
"You're certain?"
"But it didn't fall. You caught it. The fact that you prevented it from happening doesnt change the fact that it was *going* to happen."

Okay~ NEXT MOVIE TO WATCH: The Matrix trilogy. :]