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28 October 2009 @ 11:00 am
The Ondoy Experience.  
I'm sure everyone of us has one of their own.
...well, here's mine.


It was a rainy Saturday...I was already late for school and I was desperately hoping that classes are suspended. But hello~ they're not!
So I left at about 8:00am...hesitant to go to school but I still have to because I have a report and I have requirements to pass. So I dragged my lazy ass out there, opened an umbrella and kissed my Mom goodbye.

"Uwi ng maaga ah. Magluluto akong sinigang.", she said with a smile that does make me want to come back home soon.

I arrived at PUP at around 10:00am...my first class was already in the middle of  discussion, so I just went to the student's tambay room just outside the faculty room and tried to finish one of my plates in Color3.
As I was coloring my way through boredom, I overheard a bunch of seniors talking about class suspension. *hopes lifted*
Then my professor comes in, and talks to the seniors...and confirms that classes are indeed suspended!

So, I immediately snuck inside the room...completely taking advantage of the moment that my prof was outside.

"Pumasok ka pa!", a classmate shouted to me.
"Oo nga eh, suspended narin klase. Hahaha.", I shouted back.

So we already planned to go to SM Sta. Mesa (which is just a jeepney ride from our school) and watch a movie after our prof dismisses us. But our professor went back in the classroom and shatters our hopes by continuing with the discussion. Ugh. What a pooper. But what can we do.
Just minutes after, our dean knocks on the door and asks our prof to dismiss us because the storm is coming. Our prof asks for a little more time to wrap it up and he lets the reporters finish the report and then dismisses us.

"Jerome! Ayan na ang tubig!", our dean told our professor, pertaining to the expected flood.

And when we were about to go outside the building, I realized I don't have my umbrella with me. Oh no...I left it at the student's tambayan room?? So I tried to look for it there, and it wasn't there anymore. I even asked the janitress if she saw it. But she said she didn't. Oh no...why now?! D:

So then, we were met with the dilemma of not having enough umbrellas. So we just shared with the ones who have them. Out of the 10 members of our barkada, only 5 of us have an umbrella. Good thing, it's not one less.

And by the time we got outside, it's already starting to flood. Already ankle deep and still ascending! Ah~ we were starting to panic because we stopped by the near-by carinderia to talk about what we're gonna do....and the water is increasing by the minute. It's scary. And then we started to see all kinds of trash floating!
And every time a car passes by, waves come at us! and when the water subsides, you see cockroaches or another kind of insect clinging on you! Eww. Nuooo~

After a lot of arguing and convincing, we decided to just face the dirty water and walk to Pureza st. to get to the LRT station.
But as we were venturing the, now, knee-high flood in front of our building, the pedicab drivers passing by warned us that Pureza st. is already flooded up to the waist.

So we just rode one of the jeepneys that took a detour. But we couldn't move forward due to the traffic caused by the flood...so the driver just went back.
And we ended up in front of SaveMore near EARIST...the jeepney was stuck in traffic. The cars literally weren't moving anymore.
So we decided to stop by SaveMore and eat at Jollibee. Saved up energy and let our clothes dry a bit.

And there, we filled our tummies with Jollibee's 39ers!

With this, I end the first part of the adventure.